Friday, March 8, 2013

What is Six Tote Project?

Hello people! This is Kiki from draoupads and Atit from Atita Shop, guess what? We are here to share our first collaboration project! “The Six Tote Project”.

 So, what is exactly The Six Tote Project? Well,  it is basically a challenge project for both of us, and later on, we will pass the challenge to you! But be patient, we’ll get on to that later. The journey started when I have some leftover tote bag that was initially  produced for this one gift show. At first I was intended to dye it and sale it online, but then I though ‘hey why not put some fun in it’, so I imediately thinking about a collaboration project. All this time, Atit and I were talking about collaboration project, for like, millions of times, but it just never happens! And then.. Have you ever had this moment when the universe suddenly feels like back you up and everything is suddenly feels in place, and somehow you just knew that this is the right thing to do?....  Well its that, or we just happen to have a good timing. In short, we finnnally have a deal! (yiay..)
Here’s how the challenge goes; we are basically plan to decorate six tote, (why six? Because that’s our lucky number (duh). No I’m kidding, it is simply because that’s all the totes I’ve got left.. Well its actually eight, but we’re using the two for each of our experiment attemp). The challenge consist on two parts. Later on each of us has three totes to be handle with. On first part, I will free-dyeing my three totes, and Atit will do the ilustration for hers, but only the outline. And here’s the best part: Each of us has NO IDEA on what each will made. So I have no idea what will Atit draw, and Atit have no idea on what color or dyeing techniques I will use. Untill came the second part of our challenge, which is; We switch each our totes. The rest of our job is to harmonize each of our work. So I then have to complete Atit’s illustration with my dyes, and vice versa, Atit have to complete my dyes with her illustration. And thats, ladies and gentlemen, is where the real challenge are.

Oh right, I have mention it before that we will share this ‘challenging spirit’ to you, and here’s how; On every tote we decorate, we will save some blank space for you to complete it. So for whoever you are who buy the tote, it will come witch a package of mini appliances that we use to decorate the totes, and with that you can add some fun in completing the illustration or dyeing it by yourself.
So there you go! It’s a very exciting project for us, so we are more than thrilled to share the journey with all of you! With this blog, we will share every step of the project, starting from each of us doing our own experiment in finding a perfect colourant, paint, marker, etc, the big moment when each of us receive each half work, and off course how we finally finish the whole six totes. PS: we will also put some tips about illustrating and dyeing.

By the way, have we mention that 80% of the sale benefit will go for good cause? Yep, you heard it right. The totes will be sale by auction on draoupads facebook page. In the end, the 80% benefit will goes to several Animal Shelter in Jakarta and Yogya. So, wish us luck and enjoy the ride! 


Kiki n Atita

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